FLI Session Thursday Oct 19th, 2017:

values + vision

Learn how to expand the vision of what's possible in your life, and create it with greater ease and joy.

Bonus Video - Values Tool

Get Your Values Tool HERE


FLI Pre-Work

Hi Ladies,

Please watch the Values Video on this page and complete the Values Tool Handout before our session on Thursday, 10/19.

Goals for the session:

- To create your own individual definition of "Success" based on your Values

- To gain clarity and confidence in your future dreams and goals

- To harness the power of your subconscious mind in order to reach these goals with greater ease and joy



- Brief check-ins (1 min each unless someone has major update)

- Values tool discussion with a partner (10 minutes)

- Create your own definition of Success + Group Share (15 minutes)

- Guided Visualization (25 minutes)

- Journaling + Small Group Visioning Circles (20-25 minutes)

- Goal Board Craft Project (45-60 minutes... all remaining time)



In preparation, please complete the Values Tool Handout and watch the video on this page.

If several of you can bring 3-5 recent magazines, that would be great!  Especially if the magazines have images of people you admire, places you want to go to, etc. Feel free to go out and buy magazines that represent your interests too.

If any of you have aspirations of being on the cover of a certain magazine or publication, it would be really good to bring a copy of that specific magazine. 

Lastly, if you can bring a few photos of yourselves that you can easily cut your head out of, that will be helpful for your goal board as well. Professional looking photos may be best depending on what images you want to focus on, you can put your head on the cover of a magazine or next to other experts in your field that you admire, etc. on your goal board. If you want to go on a certain vacation or do something with your partner, you could have a more fun picture of yourself (or you and your hubby!) to cut and paste in that location. It sounds weird / cheesy but seeing your actual face from a real picture on your goal board can really help unlock your vision. 

looking forward to seeing you all TOMORROW night!



Got questions? Need anything? email Robyn at info@vanessaloder.com