9 Steps to Create Work You Love

Are you feeling stuck and looking for meaningful work? Do you want to finally have a job that gives you energy rather than leaving you drained and exhausted?

This FREE career coaching video will show you how to transition this next phase of your career and life.

  • Get a sense of direction and move forward with confidence
  • Three critical elements to find work you truly love
  • The biggest mistake people make in this process

“I came to find passion in my work and what I found was so much more than that. I found who I was, why I am the person I am and how that manifests in my personality. It was an amazing experience that everyone should try. I really found I was able to let go of issues I had been holding on to, some that I was aware of and some I was not aware of, I could not have done it on my own.”

- Aubrey Kendall, Head of Recruiting, Pinterest


“Over the last 10 years at Google, myself and my team have attended hundreds of hours of corporate trainings. When I saw what Vanessa did differently, and heard about her other Fortune 500 clients, I knew I had to hire her to bring something unique. I have never gotten such positive feedback from Googlers before. I will hire Vanessa again hands down.”

- Katie Rottier, Former Head of Industry/Retail – Google


“Before I started working with Vanessa, I was in the middle of a career crisis that was consuming me with anger, bitterness and resentment. The truth was that what I was calling a “career crisis” was really my way of trying to limit and define this whole-life emptiness I felt. Vanessa saw that right away and it became clear that she would be providing so much more than tips on how to get my resume in shape and suggestions to attend networking events. It is not an exaggeration to say working with Vanessa has been life changing. I don’t feel like there is something wrong with me anymore. I don’t feel like I am irreparably damaged. I don’t feel like I need to beat my emotions, my life and my soul into submission anymore. It is an incredible feeling and I will be forever grateful to have had her help me on my path to becoming myself. Big news - I am leaving the bakery for a new freelance gig! I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for my life. It feels amazing. Thank you for having a profound impact on my life.”

- Karen Ma, Entrepreneur